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 Stewardship is an 

 Annual Renewal 

The stewardship renewal form is a very important part of a parish. The form serves many purposes. One is updating the census information of the family.  We want to make sure we have the current address, telephone number and newly added members of your family all listed in our database. Secondly we want to make sure that you want to continue to be an active member of the parish. Lastly and most important, the stewardship form is an annual commitment or recommitment of your time, talent, and treasure that you are giving to your parish directly for God.  This should not be done lightly but with prayerful reflection.  Each year you should pray over what time, talent and treasure you have given in the past year and decide on what commitments you are willing to give back to God for the upcoming year.  In part of that prayerful reflection, you need to think of the gifts that you have been given by God and how blessed you are.  God doesn't ask for all of those gifts back, only a portion.  If God gave you the gift of working well with your hands then give an hour or two to the grounds and facility committee. Maybe this year you need to share a different gift.  God gives us many gifts to share.

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